Friday, October 4, 2013

Fabulous Teacher Freebies to Fill Your Mailbox - Part 3!

Here is part three in our series dedicated to get you get educational freebies delivered to your home in your mailbox!  If you missed part 1 or part 2, please check them out and your mailbox will be filled shortly.

Get a free sun safety tool kit from the EPA for your classroom! Each kit contains over 50 cross-curricular activities and a free UV sensitive frisbee. Kits are recommended from grades K-8. Different schools and teachers may get different kits so check out the form as you request your kit for more information.

Get free seeds and begin growing plants in your classroom from You can select which seeds you would like to receive. How should you grow your plants? Check out these 15 ways to grow plants in your classroom for some great ideas!

Hey it's free! has a list with accurate links to each of the 50 states to request a paper state map. Most all of these links are through the state tourism office so you will also receive tourist info about your selected state.

The Youth for Human Rights offers a free kit for educators to help your students understand human rights. If you apply for this freebie, they do ask for you to provide them with feedback on the materials provided. The kit includes a booklet and DVD.

Milk offers a wide range of freebies dedicated to the benefits of milk. Freebies include brochures, fact sheets, posters, buttons, stickers and more! You can easily select which freebies you would like and the quantity you need.

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