Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

Today I am re-posting an article from last year since this is the right time to start creating a Halloween costume. There are a few new ideas I added in for this year so check it out.

I realize that not every school allow or encourages their staff to dress in costume during Halloween or other holidays. However, if you ARE at a school that allows their staff to dress in costume, there are plenty of fun ways you can still teach your students with what you're wearing! Here are some costume ideas perfect for teachers that love to dress up.

This is me in my favorite teacher costume! I am an art teacher so of course I had to do something artistic and so I made myself into a painting. It was a very affordable costume which cost nothing since all I needed was a large piece of cardboard and paint (which I already have). Even though some students have already seen that costume I keep it around each year since students always get a kick out of it.

Here are some other ideas for perfect teacher costumes! has several suggestions of Halloween costumes for different teachers. For literacy teachers, you could dress like a character in a book your students are reading. Social studies or foreign language teachers could dress up from a certain culture or time period. has a cute article on making a book fairy costume. This could be perfect for a literacy teacher, librarian, or elementary school teacher.

Everyday Living Everyday has a post about some teachers that dressed up as school supplies for Halloween. They made their own costumes and it looks great!

Become a pumpkin pi like this guy here! It looks relatively easy to make and it's not a full body costume.

How about making yourself a Facebook costume? Love this play on words! sells costumes that would be perfect for teachers but I think that many of these ideas could easily be made with either things you have around the house or with a simple trip to a used clothing store. A Sherlock Holmes costume could be easily put together or a Where's Waldo? costume as well. To create the classic stripes you could paint red acrylic strips on a white shirt.

What does your school do for Halloween? Please let us know in the comments below.


  1. Last year I was the Cat in the Hat. It only cost $25 and the kids loved it. Of course, they choose their favorite Dr. Seuss book for me to read that morning before the Halloween parade. The prinicipal of my school was Cat Woman which everyone loved. If you don't mind paying $50-$60, one of the teachers was the Teapot from Beauty and the Beast. It was a fabulous costume.

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    1. Love the Cat in the Hat idea! Thanks for all those suggestions.


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