Friday, August 31, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Classroom Management Ideas & Freebies

With school just starting for some and about to start for others, this is a great time to implement new classroom management techniques into your teaching day. Here are some classroom management freebies & fun ideas that you might find useful in your classroom.

I saw this poster on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea to have not only class expectations but also give examples of what it looks like and sounds like. Those clear examples help students think about how to act and give them ideas of what is appropriate. You could even have students do this as an activity listing what different rules/expectations look like and sound like. This could work well if you have students that need to learn appropriate social skills.

This class rules poster is a great way to get your students involved by having them help make your poster. One of my colleagues does not take photos of students but she still gets them involved by having them color fish or other animals that tell the rules instead.

Classroom bucks are a great incentive for good behavior that can motivate young students. I offer a free set of Art Bucks on my TPT store. I also include some suggestions for free prizes so you do not have to spend much money, if any, to use them. If Art Bucks are not your thing, I also offer general Classroom Bucks for a small charge.

This "There are Rules?" game is something that can be adapted to a wide variety of age levels and helps students think about why there are rules in school and why rules are important. I thought it was a creative idea and comes with some sheets with questions for students to reflect on and answer.

This free Classroom Economy Power Pack is also a great way to start a new classroom management system. This pack includes a fee set of classroom money in a variety of denominations. I have not tried this personally, but I have seen teachers set up a checkbook system in their classroom where students earn money each day by doing different tasks and can spend their money on rewards. Some classes even go so far as to charging the students rent each week for their desk to practice real world skills.

Do you have a free classroom management item? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best Game to Get Students Speaking Spanish

Rey del Mundo is a great game to play in the classroom to get your students speaking Spanish.  It is a version of hot potato.  But, instead of passing something around physically, students are speaking and calling on their classmates to speak in Spanish.  When it is that student's turn to talk, they are it.  If the timer goes off while they are still it, then they move to the end of the line.

I have never had students not like this game.  There are several variations to it, but the same basic concept is the same throughout, and students get really into it. It is one of the easiest ways to get my students speaking Spanish for 45-60 minutes without even thinking about it.

Click on the link to download the lesson description and give it a try!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School Deals & Steals - 8/26 - 9/1/2012

Here are your weekly back to school deals!


Deals no coupon required:
20 pack Wexford wooden pencils - $0.99
Elmer's jumbo glue stick or bottled glue - $0.99
8 pack Sharpie markers - $4.99

Deals using a coupon from the weekly ad:
Penway 24 pack crayons - $0.49
Wexford legal pad - $0.49
Wexford hand held pencil sharpener - $0.50
Penway 12 pack colored pencils - $0.79
Wexford pack of filler paper - $0.79
Wexford carry all pouch - $0.99
School supply box - $0.99
4 pack Sharpie highlighters - $0.99
2 pack Uniball gel pens - $0.99
Wexford 3 subject notebook - $0.99
30 pack Paper Mate mechanical pencils - $2.99


With a $5 minimum purchase, you can get four of each of the following items for only a penny:
8 pack Staples wooden pencils
12 pack pink cap erasers
Slider pencil box

Deals $1 and Under
5 pack Bic mechancial pencils - $0.50
Staples see through plastic ruler - $0.50
Staples one hole punch - $0.50
50 page Staples writing pad - $0.50
2 pack Sharpie permanent markers - $0.50
Staples stickies bright page flags - $1.00
Staples translucent pencil box - $1.00
5"x8" writing pad - $1.00
Staples memo pad with magnetic closure - $1.00
100 pack Staples paper clips - $1.00
Staedtler compass or protractor - $1.00
Staples graph ruled notebook - $1.00
Staples 1 subject wireless notebook - $1.00
Staples poly cover or one subject notebook - $1.00

Deals $5 and Under
Hammermill ream copy paper - $2.00 after $4.99 easy rebate
Expo Scents 4 pack markers  - $2.00
3 pack Scotch transparent tape - $2.00
Webster's pocket reference book - $2.00
Staples reinforced filler paper  - $2.00
4 pack Bic Atlantis retractable pens - $2.00
12 pack 3M Command poster strips - $2.00
3 pack Staples one subject notebooks - $2.00
12 pack Bic soft feel retractable pens - $3.00
Staedtler 8 piece geometry set - $5.00
9 Liter Really Useful storage box - $5.00
2013 Staples academic desk calendar - $5.00
12 pack Staples stickies - $5.00
EnduraGlide dry erase started kit  - $5.00
Staples letter/legal size storage crate  - $5.00

Deals Free after Easy Rebate
12 pack Bic Round Stic Grip ballpoint pens - $2.49 rebate
Avery NoteTabs - $3.99 rebate
50 pack HP photo paper - $8.99 rebate

Office Max

Deals $1 and Under
Five free single subject notebooks after $5 minimum purchase
12" Ring binder ruler - $0.05
Office Max white glue - $0.25
Schoolio 1" or 1.5" three ring binder  - $0.25
Westcott 5" blunt or pointed scissors  - $0.50
3 pack pink Pearl erasers  - $0.75
.14 L Really Useful storage boxes - 2/$1.00 
4 pack Paper Mate ballpoint pens  - $1.00
Office Max single subject notebook - $1.00
24 pack SchoolID colored pencils - $1.00
Office Max ream copy paper  - $0.01 after $6.98 rebate

Deals $5 and Under
Westcott 2 pack pointed or blunt scissors - $2.00
Office Max single or three hole punch - $2.00
Quartet dry erase board - $2.00
Swingline tot stapler - $3.00
3 subject notebook - $3.00
All Duck colored duct tape - $4.00
1.5" Durable View binder - $4.00
5 subject notebook - $4.00
All Prang art supplies - 2/$5.00
Lexar 8GB jump drive  - $4.99

Office Depot

Deals $1 and Under
Office Depot pink cap erasers - $0.05
Office Depot tissue pack - $0.05
18 pack antibacterial wipes - $0.50
3 pack Office Depot highlighters - $0.50
Sharpie permanent markers - $0.50
Office Depot graph ruled filler paper - $1.00
Elmer's X-Treme glue stick - $1.00
Office Depot three hole punch  - $1.00

Deals $5 and Under
Office Depot school copy paper - $2.00
4 pack My First wooden pencils  - $2.00
Paper Mate liquid correction tape  - $2.00
Office Depot single hole punch  - $2.00
4 pack Foray pens  - $2.00
Post It die cut notes  - $2.00
2 pack Scotch Magic tape in dispensers  - $3.00
24 pack Paper Mate mechanical pencils  - $3.00
4 pack Expo dry erase markers  - $3.00
Foray battery powered pencil sharpener  - $4.00
Office Depot 25 pack heavy duty sheet protectors  - $4.00
Wilson Jones 1" binder - $4.00
Emtec USB flash drive  - $5.00

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Organize Your Classroom with Cheap Containers

Organization is crucial to running an efficient, orderly classroom.  Because businesses understand teachers' --all people's, really--need for organization, they produce and sell containers...some for quite a bit of money.  They do not have to cost a lot of money, though.

Here are a few ideas of places to find cheap containers to organize your classroom....

#1: Wash out water bottles and put sets of colored pencils in them.  Throw in a tiny pencil sharpener, and you have sets of supplies ready to pass around when the time calls for a bit of arts and crafts.

#2: Save coffee cans, wrap them in paper or paint them, and label them with whatever supplies you need to store.  Label one with sharp pencils and one with dull pencils.  When students need a new pencil during class, they drop off the old and pick up a new one.

#3: Keeping a classroom garden?  Take a used Tide bottle and wash it out thoroughly.  Then drill holes in the cap and use it as a watering can.

#4: Take Coffeemate canisters and wash them out after you are done with them.  Peel off the label and you have another see through container to store supplies in.  A quick aside....I used to have my middle school students spit their gum in one.  I left the used gum jar on my desk all year long.  Students were grossed out, but it amused most of them to no end.  The collection grew throughout the year in front of their eyes.  They didn't complain about adding to the sticky petri dish because it appealed to their pubescent sense of humor.  One student actually begged me to let him keep it at the end of the year.

#5: Spray paint used Pringles cans after they are empty and rinsed out.  Then keep math manipulatives inside of them.

#6: Save used spice jars and store tiny art supplies inside: glitter, tiny stickers, sequence, beads, etc.

Have ideas of your own to share?  Please add them in the comment sections.  In today's economy, finding ways to save money and recycle is good for the land, our classrooms and our pocketbooks!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies

Labor Day is more than just the first holiday of the school year.  It is a chance to teach your students about how workers contribute to society, and engage them in conversations about careers.  Here are a few quality free lessons about the holiday.

#1: Click on the image below to access a free download.  You will have a lesson all ready to go that includes interactive homework (interactive between the student and family/community) and classroom activity.  It is perfect for low to middle elementary grades.

#2: Click on the image below to access a free puzzle page all about Labor Day.  This needs a bit of background information, but it would be perfect for lower elementary grades.

#3: Click on the image below to access a labor day vocabulary activity.  Students look at sets of words relating to a certain profession and write down what profession the word set is talking about.  It looks fun and ideal for the middle and upper elementary grades.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School Deals & Steals! 8/19 - 8/25

All the kiddos at my school are back to school on Tuesday but that has not stopped the back to school sales! Although the deals will be dying down slowly, keep on the lookout for deals & steals throughout the year. We will also be introducing a frugal element to our blog to help you get the best deals and freebies for your classroom.


Deals using a coupon:
Mini memo composition book  - $0.20
15 pack cap erasers  - $0.29
100 pack Acco paper clips  - $0.29
Two pack pink erasers  - $0.29
280 pack sticky page markers  - $0.39
Index card or pencil case  - $0.39
One subject notebook  - $0.49

Deals no coupon required:
100 pack Wexford index cards - $0.39
Sharpie marker  - $0.39
Ten pack sheet protectors  - $0.49
Five tab dividers  - $0.49
Wexford 80 sheet composition book  - $0.99
It's Academic book cover  - $0.99
Wexford 96 sheet construction paper  - $0.99
2 pack Sharpie highlighters  - $0.99
Wexford 5 or 3 subject notebook  - $1.49
6 pack Couture mechanical pencils  - $1.50


Deals $1 and Under
Staples 70 sheet one subject notebook - $0.01 - Limit 6 with $5 minimum purchase
Staples school glue - $0.25
2 pack Bic retractable ballpoint pens - $0.50
.14L Really Useful Box - $0.50
50 pack Staples Photo Supreme paper - $0.50 - After $14.99 easy rebate
100 pack Staples index cards - $0.50
Staples mini composition book 2 packs - $0.50
4 pack Bic erasers with grips - $1.00
Staples writing pad - $1.00
6 pack Staples Hype grip highlighters - $1.00
Staples wireless notebook - $1.00

Deals Under $5
Scotch expressions tape, buy two get a free dispenser - $1.50
500 sheets HammerMill copy paper - $2.00
Scotch permanent foam mounting tape - $2.00
RoseArt 12 pack markers or colored pencils - $2.00
Staples memo pads - $2.00
80 sheet Staples faux leather memo book - $2.00
2 pack Bic white out - $2.00
40 pack Wet Ones - $2.00
4 pack Expo dry eraser markers - $3.00
200 sheets Staples construction paper - $4.00
48 pack Staples #2 pencils - $4.00

Office Depot

Deals $1 and Under
Office Depot two pocket folder - $0.01 - limit 10!
Slider pencil box - $0.01 - limit 3!
SchoolWorks 5" scissors - $0.25
Office Depot 8 pack pencils - $0.25
Office Depot compass - $0.25
3 pack Magic Rub erasers - $1.00
12 pack 2" binder clips  - $1.00
12 inch shatter proof ruler  - $1.00
50 pack sandwich storage bags  - $1.00
Post It label roll  - $1.00

Deals Under $5
4 pack Sharpie chisel tip markers  - $2.00
4 pack Sharpie jumbo highlighters - $2.00
24 pack wood pencils - $2.00
12 pack Office Depot scratch pads - $2.00
12 pack Paper Mate mechanical pencils - $2.00
24 pack Post-It durable filing tabs - $2.00
Foray dry erase magnetic boards - $3.00
4 pack Office Depot invisible tape - $3.00
3 L Really Useful storage box - $3.00
60 pack Office Depot stick pens - $4.00
12 pack Foray liquid highlighters - $4.00
Office Depot three hole punch - $4.00

Other Deals
6 pack Office Depot correction tape - $5.00
24 pack Zebra retractable ballpoint pens - $5.00
Swingline stapler combination pack - $5.00
Lexar 8 GB USB drive - $5.99
Buy 1 get 1 free - Expo markers & supplies
Buy 1 get 1 free - Select Crayola products

Office Max

Deals $1 and Under
Office Max filler paper college or wide rule - up to 5 FREE after $5 minimum purchase
12 pack Just Basics wooden pencils - $0.25
Sharpie singles - $0.25
2 pocket and 4 pocket poly folders - $0.25
12 pack SchoolID colored pencils - $0.25
.14 L Really Useful storage boxes - 2/$1.00
Scotch Magic tape dispenser - $1.00
2x2 neon Office Max self stick cube - $1.00

Other Deals
3 pack Elmer's or Avery's glue sticks - $2.00
5 pack Bic Mark-It permanent markers - $2.00
Prang art supplies - 2/$5.00
SanDisk 8 GB USB flash drive - $5.99


RoseArt 24 pack crayons - $0.25
RoseArt washable glue - $0.34
RoseArt 12 count colored pencils - $0.49
24 pack Crayola colored pencils - $2.50
64 pack Crayola crayons - $2.50
Swingline stapler - $4.00
10 count Sharpie markers - $5.00
Magnetic dry erase boards - $5.00

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies!!

Soft skills are just as important to our students as academic skills when it comes to finding a job, yet the perceived importance of teaching them often pales next to that of teaching more measurable skills.  Teachers are having to be creative and deliberate about the ways they incorporate so many of the skills that are being de-emphasized by increased testing: creativity, goal setting, communication, responsibility, etc.

So, as we kick off this school year, I'm posting links to free visual aids and information on teaching a couple, with more to come in subsequent weeks.  Here they are...

GOAL SETTING: Click on the image below to go to a free visual aid and mini packet on goal setting.

COMMUNICATION: Listening and speaking assertively are two important aspects of communication.      The listening link will take you to a blog with some free visual aids and ideas for how to weave listening skills into your every day routine.  The speaking assertively link leads to a packet that teaches some basics for communicating assertively.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Centers for the Spanish Classroom

One of the easiest ways to differentiate in the classroom is to use centers/stations.  I use them regularly in my Spanish classes to review the objectives from each unit.  I have students do a self assessment to determine where they are strong and what they need to work on.  Then I introduce anywhere between 8 and 12 stations, making it clear what each station covers.  They can then determine which stations they want to do.  They can move at their own pace, working on the objectives they choose to review.  I help them to pace themselves and circulate to answer questions and provide individual direct instruction where necessary.  Here are some of the stations I have for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.

#1: Here is a collection of 8 stations covering introductory vocabulary.  At just $1, it is one of my best sellers and best deals!

#2: For just $1.50 you can purchase a set of activities that focuses on the vocabulary for greetings.

#3: Also, for $1.50 you can purchase a set of activities that focuses on just the number vocabulary.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School Deals & Steals - 8/12 - 8/18

JC Penney

Kids’ (K-6) haircuts at all locations with a salon-FREE during the month of August!!!

Staples Deals

$50 purchase or more, with online coupon

Under $1 deals
Zebra retractable pens, 7 pack, with rebate, limit 1-FREE
Staples #2 pencils, 8 pack, limit 2 - $0.25
Staples composition notebooks, with min $5 purchase, limit 3 - $0.10
Hand sanitizer, 2 pack, limit 6 – $0.50

$1 deals
Paperclip ball, 175 ct,
RoseArt colored pencils, 24 ct
Staples retractable ball point pens, 4 pack
Hammermill copy paper, 500 sheets, limit 2, with rebate
Scotch Magic Gem tape
Staples fat notebook, 200 sheets
Staedtler compass

$2 deals
Expo dry erase markers, 4 pack
Staples scissors, 5”
Scotch shipping tape with dispenser
Oops retractable correction tape, 2 pack
Purell 8 oz. hand sanitizer
Scotch super glue
Crayola washable art supplies

$3-6 deals
Pilot retractable pens, 5 pack - $3
Crayola dry erase markers or dry erase crayons, 5 pack - $3
Sharpie markers, 12 pack - $6

Target Deals

Mead 4 pocket portfolio - $0.50
3M post-it notes cube, 400 ct - $4
Backpacks (selected) - $21.99
3 pack Scotch tape - $2.50
Mead expanding portfolio - $4
Expo dry erase markers, 4 pack - $2.50
Elmer’s glue stick, 3 ct - $2
Bic mechanical pencils, 26 ct - $3.50
Sharpie pens, 3 ct - $3.50
Paper Mate felt tip pens, 5 ct - $3.50
Mead 12 month planner - $7
Crayola super tip markers, 50 ct - $4.99
Crayola colored pencils, 50 ct - $4.99
Pilot gel pens, 3 ct - $3

Office Depot Deals

Office Depot 1 subject spiral notebook - $0.01
Office Depot vinyl pouch - $0.01
Office Depot rulers - $0.01
Office Depot mechanical pencils, 12 ct - $1
Foray highlighters, 5 ct - $1
Office Depot dry erase markers, 2 ct - $0.50
Scholastic glue stick, 4 ct - $0.50
Emtec 8 GB flash drive - $4.99
Paper Mate retractable pens, 4 ct - $2
Fiskars 7” scissors - $2

Office Max Deals

Max Perks $0.01 deals (see website for more details)
Office Max durable binders
Office Max clips
Office Max notebooks
Office Max ball point pens
Avery mailing labels
Office Max inkjet paper

Buy 1, Get 1 50% off
All Crayola markers, pencils and crayons
Expo markers
Bic pens, pencils and highlighters
Bic white out
Select Elmers and Avery glue sticks
All Duck Tape

Under $1 deals
Max compass or Max protractor, limit 3 - $0.05
Schoolio washable markers, 8 pack - $0.25
Composition notebooks - $0.50
Paper Mate mechanical pencils, 10 ct, limit 3 - $0.75
Folders, with minimum $5 purchase, limit 10 - FREE

$3-6 deals
Kingston 8 GB flash drive - $4.99
Texas Instrument Scientific calculators - $9.99

Walgreen Deals

Without coupon…
Mead portfolio or notebook - buy 1, get 1 free
Wexford 3 subject notebook - $0.99
Kleenex facial tissue - $0.99
Plastic supply box - $0.69
12 pack Penway colored pencils - $0.69
Kleenex facial tissue, 4 pack - $4.00
Nice lunch bags, 50 pack - $0.99
Wexford dual power calculator - $3.99
Crayola 24 pack of crayons or 10 pack of markers - $0.99
Crayola 24 pack of colored pencils - $1.99
Book cover – 2/$4
Scotch tape – buy 1, get 1 free
Texas Instruments Scientific calculator - $9.99
Wexford dual hole sharpener – 2/$1
Lunch containers – 25% off
Liquid paper - $0.99
Paper Mate pens (10 pack) or mechanical pencils (5 pack) - $0.29
Wexford 2 pocket folders - $0.09
Expo dry erase markers, 4 pack - $1.99

With coupon…
2 pack Paper Mate retractable pens, limit 3 - $0.79
Wexford pencil sharpener, limit 3 - $0.39
Wexford highlighter, limit 6 - $0.19
Wexford glue sticks, 3 pack, limit 3 - $0.49

With rebate…
Tech Gear zipper binder, originally $5.99, $2 rebate - $3.99
Swiss backpack, originally $19.99, $5 rebate - $14.99

Big Back to School Sale - Final Day!

Teachers Pay Teachers is hosting their annual sale again this year! Today, 8/13/2012 until midnight is the last day of the sale. Etc and I (Lesson Lady) are offering all the products at our stores for 20% off! Also, you can use code BTS12 as shown in the picture to get an additional 10% off. Most other sellers on TPT are also offering their stores at 20% off before the coupon code as well.

Enjoy the sale offerings!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday Freebies

There are several kids educational sites out there for free.  

One of them is Starfall.  This is geared towards students in preschool through early elementary and has a variety of activities for them to do online without even having to sign up for an account.  Starfall began with a focus on reading, but has expanded and now has math activities.  It teach them shapes, colors, calendar concepts and much more.  This is a site that my cohort of literacy coaches reviewed a couple years ago and gave high marks for its cost and content.  I've recommended it to friends with young kids.  Even now, my niece just saw me write this and said that she uses this site in school.  She wants to go on it when I'm done, it's kid recommended and approved too!

A second one is Fun Brain.  This site has games for students in grades K-8.  Again, students do not have to register to play.  They simply identify their gender and grade level.  The site is designed to be highly engaging, using games to teach math and graphic novels to engage them in reading.  The book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney is posted on it.  The Lost Side of Suburbia, a slightly scary graphic novel by Kory Merritt, is also on there.  There are also a variety of madlibs.  This site has done its research and uses activities that are highly engaging to encourage students to play and learn at the same time.  My nephew in upper elementary gives it two thumbs up!

Finally, there is PBS.  This site has a wide range of educational games for a variety of subjects and topics.  The site is very comprehensive and easy to navigate.  The range of activities is expanding all the time.  And again, all the kids I know like this site, using it at school and home.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Word Analogies

How do we teach students new words?  We expose them to the words repeatedly and in varied contexts.  We have them analyze, define, compare and draw the word.  We teach them to make word associations.  What is a better way to engage students in thinking critically and logically about these connections than having them solve word analogies?

Word Analogies Centers/Stations is a packet with word analogy activities from a variety of content areas including: U.S. geography, math, art, measurements, and more for just $1.50.  Start stocking up on quality centers to fill in the down time now!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School Deals & Steals - 8/5 - 8/11

Here is another round of weekly deals & steals. The deals seem to be getting better and better! I hope you are enjoying the fantastic back to school savings.


Deals using coupons from the weekly ad:
12 inch wooden ruler, limit 3 - $0.19
Designer pencils, limit 16  - 8/$1.00
2 pack pink erasers or 15 eraser caps, limit 3  - $0.29
School bottled glue or jumbo glue stick, limit 3  - $0.39
Wexford 5 tab dividers or 10 pocket protectors, limit 6  - $0.39
Transparent tape or carton of 100 paperclips, limit 4  - $0.39
10 pack Bic Cristal pens, limit 3  - $0.49
2 pack Sharpie markers, limit 3  - $0.79
Wexford 1 inch binder, limit 3  - $0.79
Wexford 3 pack twistable highlighters or four pack gel pens, or mechanical pencils, limit 3  - $0.99
Stretch bookcover, limit 6,  - $0.99
Wexford correction fluid, limit 3  - $0.99
Wexford carry all pouch, limit 3  - $0.99
Papermate Erasermate pens pack, limit 4  - 2/$3.00
Expo 8 pack dry eraser markers, limit 2  - $4.99

Deals no coupon needed:
Wexford or Oxford two pocket folder with prongs  - $0.19
10 pack Papermate pens - $0.39
24 pack Penway crayons  - $0.49
Elmer's school glue - $0.49
Pack of two glue sticks - $0.49
10 pack Paper Mate mechanical pencils - $0.49
Wexford or Penway filler paper - $0.69
20 pack Wexford yellow pencils - $0.79
Penway or Wexford 3 subject notebooks - $0.79
5 pack Bic flourescent highlighters - $0.79
12 pack Crayola colored pencils - $0.99
Wexford 1 inch color binder - $0.99
2 pack Expo dry erase markers - $0.99
10 pack Penway markers - $0.99
4 pack Wexford retractable gel pens - $0.99
12 pack Sharpie colored permanent markers - $4.99


College rules filler paper with $5 purchase, limit 5 - $0.01
Post-it label pads, with rebate - FREE
2 pack of Bic gel pens, limit 2 - $0.25
3 pack of Pentel erasers, limit 2 - $0.25
2 pack of mini composition notebooks, limit 2 - $0.25
5 pack of Papermate mechanical pencils, limit 2 - $0.50
4 pack of fine tipped Bic dry erase markers, limit 2 - $1
5 pack of black Sharpie markers, limit 2 - $1
4 pack of glue sticks, limit 2 - $1
Staples pencil case, limit 2 - $0.50
2 pack of Bic white out, limit 2 - $0.50
10 Crayola markers, limit 2 - $0.75
Poly binder, limit 2 - $0.75
500 sheets of Hammermill copy paper with rebate, limit 2 - $1
Staples multipurpose 10 ream case of paper, limit 2 - buy one, get one free


Lexar 8 GB USB drive - $6
5 Star one subject notebooks - $1/each
Gateway 15.6 notebook - 249.99
2 packet poly folder - $0.49/each
100 ct index cards - $0.49
24 ct Ticonderoga yellow no. 2 pencils - $3
8 ct PaperMate ball point pens - $3
90 ct Post-its Notes pad - $1
Mead 70 sheet notebook - $0.49
RoseArt markers or colored pencils - $0.49
Scotch magic tape - $0.49
Sharpie 2 ct permanent black markers or 3 ct highlighters - $1

Office Depot 

Scholastic School Glue - $0.01
Office Depot brand filler paper - $0.25
Tug pencil sharpener - $0.25
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Tablet - $249.99
20 ct Foray gel ink pens - $5
PaperMate mechanical pencils, 12 ct - $2
All backpacks - 25% off
PaperMate ball point pens, 36 ct - $2
Crayola dry erase products - 50% off
Pencil storage box - $2

Office Max 

Schoolio crayons, 24 ct - $0.05
Dixon no. 2 pencils, 10 ct, limit 2 - $0.10
PaperMate pens, 10 ct, limit 3 - $0.10
OfficeMax glue sticks, 4 ct, limit 3 - $0.50
Lexar 8GB USB drive - $4.99
Composition notebooks with $5 min purchase, limit 5 - FREE
OfficeMax 3 subject notebooks - $2
All Crayola crayons, colored pencils and markers - buy 2, get 1 free
Regularly priced Post-it Notes - buy 2, get 1 free
Schoolio 13 pocket expanding file - $3
All Sharpie pens, markers and highlighter - buy 2, get 2 free
All Bic writing supplies - buy 2, get 2 free

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Freebies!!

Thankfully I still have a few weeks left of vacation.  But, many of my friends are already heading back and gearing up for 2012-2013 school year.  All the stores selling school supplies have great deals going on right now.  But, what about lesson plans to get you through those first few days and weeks?  If you are looking for fun activities to get to know your students and remind them that learning is fun, check out the free activities below...

The first one is a set of icebreaker games.  It includes a meet-and-greet bingo game, among others.  The packet has great activities and colorful graphics your students will enjoy.

The second is a back to school homework assignment.  This can be used with a wide range of ages.  It allows students to share a little bit about themselves in a fun and creative way.

You might also enjoy checking out this fun making words activity with a back to school theme.  This is another kid friendly activity that helps students work on spelling and vocabulary.

If you like these, let me assure you that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Go to Teachers pay Teachers to find over 600 more back to school activities absolutely free!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Clorox Wipes Offer

Do you have a school supply list? If you already have a list (you can also create one either on or off the site) that includes Clorox wipes, you can post your list on the Clorox website. In return, Clorox will send you two free canisters of Clorox wipes! I tried this earlier and it was very easy to do and only took a few minutes.

While you're at the Clorox site, you may also want to check out their grants and lesson plans sections which I was surprised to see there.
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