Friday, June 28, 2013

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Teacher Freebies to Fill Your Mailbox!


I love getting free things in the mail! Nothing is better than finding freebies, samples and more when I open my box instead of just bills or junk mail. Here are some educational freebies you can sign up for to fill your mailbox! Also,check out part 2 and part 3 for additional freebies!

Get a free Idea Book for Educators. The Idea Book has teacher guides that go along with A&E programs. I have never ordered this before so I'm not sure how it is but since it's free it can't hurt to sign up for it!

Sign up for your choice of free sample issues of Scholastic Magazine! I love receiving free magazines in the mail for my classroom. They often include free posters & other classroom materials. Usually once you get one free magazine, they will continue to send them free periodically to get you to sign up for it. The freebies range all the way from pre-K to secondary level and can even have options for other languages!

Get a free Stossel Good Intentions Gone Wrong DVD. They do ask that after getting the DVD you leave feedback. This could be a good lesson for social learning.

Order a free The Federal Reserve & You DVD. You can get one free DVD per mailing address & name so you may want to have this shipped to your home instead of to school.

Get a free First Year Science Teacher's Survival Kit! There are lots of freebies in here so even if it not your first year teaching science it may still be beneficial to sign up. Plus it's free, so it can't hurt!

Get a free Braille Alphabet card. This could be a great way to help students learn about Braille and how people communicate through the sense of touch. Please note that this freebies is for US addresses only.

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