Friday, October 18, 2013

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Educational Halloween Freebies!

Halloween will be in a few short weeks! Do you have a costume picked out? If not, check out our suggestions of Halloween costumes for teachers

To help you celebrate Halloween in your classroom, here are some fabulous Halloween freebies you can use to make your teaching a little scarier than usual this year!

Just as described, here is monster sized list of Halloween projects. There are enormous amount of ideas of things you and your students can make for some hands on fun this fall.

Want to do something that involves pumpkins this year but you're not sure what? KinderArt has a list of 100 ideas of things that you can do with a pumpkin. Each idea is unique so there is a little something for everyone there!

Cybraryman has a huge compilation of Halloween related resources. For younger kids there are math worksheets, Spelloween links, experiments, crafts and more. For older kids there are also fun links such as a Salem With Trials Jeopardy game, trivia games and more. There is something for just about every school subject so I'm sure that you will find something useful here!

If you are interested in cultures from around the world, check out how they celebrate Halloween by looking at Jack O' There are links to help you find more about Halloween around the world including celebrations in Mexico, Spain, China and more. 

Shelly Terrell has a list of 18 educational Halloween apps. Not every app suggested is free but most are. Do you use apps in your classroom?

Enjoy this list! If you have a Halloween freebie please share it with us in the comments and I will feature it in a future Halloween freebie post!


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    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for noticing our blog! We are offering only free lessons for our Friday freebies editions so feel free to let us know about a free lesson that we could share with our readers!


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