Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ways to Grow Plants in the Classroom

Spring is the perfect time to start growing or keeping plants in your classroom. Studies have shown that sometimes just having plants around makes an environment more welcoming and calming. An article by Jonah Lehrer even shows that having plants around helped people improve their attention and overcome challenges better!

Need a creative way to get started? Here are 15 creative ways you can grow plants in your classroom to add educational moments and greenery at the same time.

1. Grow a plan inside a biodegradable ice cream cone that can be easily transplanted into the ground!

2. Regrow a celery stalk and you will never have to buy more!

3. Grow a plan inside another! This example uses seeds from inside a pumpkin to grow a new plant!

4. Grow a plant inside a CD case to make it easy to see & label all parts!

5. Demonstrate how a plant will find a light source by growing a plant inside a maze.

6. Regrow a potato plant from a potato.

7. Grow the tops of carrots and find more fun ideas at this site.

8. Reuse & recycle! Find out 18 foods you can regrow from scraps! You could try different ones and see which grow fastest or easiest.

9. Make a miniature greenhouse for your plants.

10. Once you have a plant, water plants with different types of water. Microwaved water had a very interest effect in this experiment!

11. Make a terrarium in your classroom.

12. Start a sock garden by walking around your school in old socks!

13. Experiment to see if gravity can affect the growth of roots using radishes.

14. Plant a seed each day to compare the growth of the plant over time!

15. For the ambitious, start a school garden. Dosomething.org has an easy how to start guide.

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  1. I just read an other blog post ties growing plants to the science and math curriculums! Its pretty interesting! Check it out here: http://newperspectiveteaching.blogspot.ca/2015/02/growing-plants-to-make-science-more.html


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