Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fabulous Teacher Freebies to Fill Your Mailbox - Part 2!

If you enjoyed Fabulous Teacher Freebies to Fill Your Mailbox Part I, here is part 2!  Here are some more teacher freebies that you can enjoy as they arrive in the mail. I love getting free things, especially directly to my own home.

Get a free ocean book cover that contains information about the 7 things you should know most about the ocean. Supplies are limited! Email your requests through this link.

Apply for a free, one year subscription to Yes! Magazine. This free deal is only available to middle and high school teachers, librarians and home schoolers. 

Get free Learning catalogs and DVD's by the Education Center. Free lesson plans are on most DVD's and other fun things to use in your classroom. offers a set of free posters and DVD to help teach values to your students. This freebie is available to schools and non-profit organizations.

The EPA offers a free "Make a Difference" middle school kit to help your students learn about how they can help the environment.

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