Friday, April 19, 2013

Fabulous Friday Freebies

I have found some exciting freebies online this week.  Here they are.....

#1) Townsend Press is the publisher that sells the Bluford Series for just $1 a book.  The Bluford Series is a series of around 20 books about students attending Bluford High School.  Each book is about a different student struggling with a different issue.  These include pregnancy, bullying, death, moving, violence, dating, etc.  These are quick reads and written at a middle school level, so they are not intimidating to struggling readers.  I found out this week that they have special offers for schools.  These special offers include free novels for under resourced schools, free ebooks for students, posters, free mentoring books, and more.  If you are looking for ways to inexpensively build your library and/or resources to teach social/emotional skills, this is definitely worth checking out.

#2) Cool Math 4 Kids has a plethora of brain teaser activities you can use as warm ups, stations, early finisher activities, extra credit, etc.  It is great for keeping your students' spare minutes filled with mental challenges.

3) I also found a bunch of free online math games to use with my students who struggle with math.  They are especially good at reviewing the basics (multiplication, fractions, etc.), but some of them review basic algebra and geometry.  They are free, don't get filtered by the school's online security system, and don't require students to sign up first.  My favorites are...

Math Play


Soft Schools Math Games

Math Playground

Math Games

Kids' Math Games

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