Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Free Reward & Incentive Ideas for the Classroom

Even though I teach K-12 and do many things differently for each age group, one thing remains the same. I encourage positive behavior with rewards & incentives. This is something that is encouraged throughout my school. Some classes have prize buckets, some classes have privileges that students can earn, and more. One thing I firmly believe, however, is that rewards and incentives don't have to cost a lot of money, if any. Here are some free ideas of ways to provide rewards & incentives for your students.

Free Rewards Students Can Earn in Class

- Allow students to use the comfy teacher chair for the class period or day
- Students can buy time to use the computer appropriately
- Free homework pass
- Spend time or eat lunch with a staff member (if it's not you, make sure that it's okay with them!)
- Pick a game to play with a peer
- Visit or help out another class
- Choose your spot in line for the day
- Listen to music while working on an assignment
- Have a set amount of free time to draw, write, etc...
- Earn extra credit points
- Extra gym time by joining another class

Free Rewards for a Prize Bucket

 - Save your fortune cookies from a Chinese restaurant
- Bookmarks (I find that I get some of these for free in the mail that look attractive to kids)
- Save cute soaps from a hotel (The kids loved little Mickey soaps I saved after visiting Florida!)
- Ask parents to donate small toys from kids' meals
- Samples you may get in the mail (cereal bars, gum, etc...)
- Save small little gift bags/boxes from gifts that are in good shape


  1. I am trying to enter the loyalty card
    given to me at the restaurant. I've entered the website the loyalty card says to enter, but I can't find the site on the web. Please advise.

    Restaurant rewards

    1. I'm not sure which website you mean. I would probably contact the company directly through their website Good luck!


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