Friday, April 26, 2013

Fabulous Friday Freebies--Mother's Day

May is almost upon us.  That means Mother's Day is too.  On May 12th, we'll once again be dedicating a day to appreciating the women in our lives who have helped raise us.  So, I'm dedicating this week's Friday freebies to lessons that will help you prepare your students for it.

Want to work it into a writing activity? This packet has handouts for students to write about their relationships with their mothers and grandmothers.  The graphics are multiethnic.  There are also sheets for students to write to women who have been like a mother to them.  All of your students, regardless of their family situation, should be able to participate. (Note: The graphics are designed for elementary students, but the activity is appropriate for all ages.)

Check out this survey and poem.  It has students answer a couple pages of questions.  My favorite part, though, is the last page.  Students write similes: "My mom is as smart as..."  Overall, it is a great freebie with cool graphics.  (Note: This activity is probably best suited for upper elementary.)


Finally, there are a bunch of crafts you can do with your students to send home for Mother's Day.  I especially like art with hand and footprints.  If you are looking for fun hand/footprint art of all types for all holidays, check out this pinterest page.  For those of us not brave (or crazy) enough to let a classroom full of little ones paint their hands and feet, there are a plethora of other Mother's Day craft ideas.

With just about two more weeks to go until Mother's Day, I hope this helps!

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