Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Compilation of Helpful Teacher Articles & Resources

Here is a compilation of our teacher articles & resources we have compiled over the past year on our blog! They are compiled by subject area to make it easy to find the resources you need.

Technology Tips

Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom
Great Websites for Teachers to Bookmark
More Great Websites for Teachers to Bookmark
Photo Editing Project Idea
Favorite Pinterest Finds
Publishing Students' Writing
Creative Based Websites for Teachers

Interactive Learning Tips

Tips on Using Games in Class
Using Movement in the Classroom
Hands on Learning for All Subject Areas
Cross Curricular Art Lesson Ideas
Art Across the Curriculum
Ways to Give in Your Classroom
Math & 3-D Snowflake Tutorial
Sensory Stimulation Through Art

Getting To Know Your Students

Making Time to See Your Students
Giving Students Choices
Social/Emotional Goals in the Classroom

Just for Teachers

Having Down Days in Class
Getting Support in Your School
Good Classroom Investments
Summer School Teaching Tips
Earning Extra Money
Teacher Reading Suggestions
Vacationing With Students in Mind
Organizing Your Classroom with Cheap Containers
Parent Teacher Conference Tips
Building Community & Family Interactions
Bouncing Back After a Bad Day

Teaching Tips, Etc...

Having a Plan for Downtime
The Importance of Having Fun in Class
Making Your Classroom 'Cool'
Using Laughter in Your Classroom
How Parents Can Help Their Students
The Importance of Using Exemplars
Checks for Understanding
Creating Culture & Purpose in Your Classroom
Helping Students that Struggle with Vocabulary
Encouraging Gratitude in Your Classroom
Teaching Students to Self Assess
Teaching Text Structure
Giving Students Second Chances
Helping Older Students Who Struggle to Comprehend


First Day of Class Ideas
Earth Day Year Round in Your Classroom
How to Wrap Up the End of the Year
Dressing Up for Halloween
Celebrating the Holidays in Your Classroom

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