Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Favorite Pinterest Finds!

Like many other teachers out there, Pinterest has been a new and fun way I have found many interesting lesson and teaching ideas on the internet. While I started using Pinterest for other reasons, lesson planning has become one of my primary focuses. Today I am sharing some of my favorite lessons and teaching ideas I have found on Pinterest. You can also check out more of my favorite ideas & lessons on my Pinterest page.

This collection of over 100 free graphic organizers is one of my favorite Pinterest finds. I love graphic organizers since they organize information easily for our students and they are a perfect visual aid. They also can easily be used in many different subject areas. This collection is free and can be used by just about any grade level.

I love using cross-curricular lessons in class and this list of 100 experiments has some great ideas on ways to let kids play and construct while learning engineering skills. I also think some of these ideas could be incorporated into a math or art lesson as well.

This Guess Who? game changing idea is a creative way to take an ordinary game and adapt it to your subject area. I like the idea of changing out the photos of the game to fit the subject you are studying. Instead of photos you could also use other types of images or vocabulary words as well. 

This conversation Jenga game is another great way of adapting an existing game into something more specific for your classroom. Write a question that students must answer every time they pull a piece. You could even have your students write their own questions as well.

This lesson using an orange is such an imaginative and creative lesson! It teaches students not only about the earth's shape but the peel can also flatten to show how regular maps are drawn.

Those are some of my favorite Pinterest finds! To see more things I have pinned on Pinterest, visit my Pinterest page. Please share your favorite Pinterest finds below.

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