Friday, March 8, 2013

Fabulous Freebies: Educational Freebies for St. Patrick's Day!

Your luck might've grown this St. Patrick's Day with the use of these free lessons and activities for your classroom! I hope you find some useful selections for your classroom here.

If you like your students to experiment, try this water density experiment described on the We Made That blog. It looks like an easy and fun way to create a rainbow in your classroom. has a huge list of St. Patty's Day freebies for teachers and students. Included is a list with free, downloadable PowerPoints and links to a great hodgepodge of ideas and more for a variety of age levels. Be aware that the St. Patrick's Day worksheets are linked to paid, not free items.

Check out this free "I have, who has" game template. It is blank so you can add your own vocabulary or subject area and adjust it to your students' difficulty level. It is nicely designed and easy to download.

For more than 250 ideas, check out this St. Patrick's Day pin board on Pinterest. It contains a ton of cute ideas, classroom crafts, lessons, activities and more. Some lessons may cost money but most ideas on this board are freebies.

Kinder Art has a collection of fun, artistic ideas for St. Patrick's Day for your imaginative and creative students. The art ideas go from simple suggestions such as a heart shaped shamrock drawing tutorial to a Matisse inspired shamrock project. has a great selection of experiments you can conduct for St. Patrick's Day in your classroom including creating green fire or turning pennies into gold coins. Kinesthetic learners would love these hands on activities!

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