Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Enrichment

Our minds are working every day, all the time.  We are constantly learning, growing and changing.  Our interactions with the world around us are forming our realities of how the world operates.  New books and people bring us new vocabulary and perspectives.  This is especially true of children.  They don't stop learning because they are on summer vacation.  So, why not encourage parents to use that time to enrich the academic side of summer learning?

Here are a few ideas....

#1-Check out this Scholastics article on ways to keep kids busy while learning.

#2-Send kids home with a summer reading log.

#3-Give them a project to do about the summer Olympics.  They can learn about the Ancient Olympics.  They can learn about unusual olympic sports.  Or, check out the London 2012 Olympics teaching resource page.  

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