Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring Literacy, Math, and Art Lessons on Sale!

For those that are looking for something to keep their kiddos busy the last week (or more) of school, here is a fun collection of spring themed math and literacy centers. All spring centers now are about 20% off until June 1st and all centers that have been rated and reviewed have been given a perfect 4/4 star rating!

This spring themed math, literacy and art packet is an enormous 99 page packet that includes all of the centers listed below in this post. Total, it has 16 math and literacy centers and 22 pages of spring themed fast finishers art. Since this bundles all of my spring products together, it is listed at an overall cheaper price.

This spring themed literacy center packet contains six literacy centers that focus on prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms and more. It is focused on activities perfect for grades 3-6 and has a variety of colorful spring images.

My spring math packet contains 10 math centers with both open ended and direct answer questions. Math worksheets focus on skills such as multiplication, division, rounding, simple decimals, money, addition, subtraction, and place value.

Lastly, my spring fast finishers art packet contains 22 printable fast finishers spring themed activities. These pages encourage students to use their creativity and imagination in a variety of ways. Please download the preview to assure that your students will enjoy these products!

Enjoy the savings on these fun centers and lessons!

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