Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art Projects to End the Year

If you are looking for something fun to end the year, nothing grabs students' attention and excitement more than a fun art project! Although I teach art throughout the entire year, I do try to save some of my favorite and most exciting projects for the end of the school year when they are needed the most. Most all of my art projects can also be tied into other subjects as well and would make a great cross curricular lesson.

This PowerPoint lesson on How to Make a Rain Stick is a wonderful attention grabbing lesson. I have created rain sticks with students from elementary to the high school level and no matter the age, they were all very excited about this process. It uses very simple materials included old paper towel or wrapping paper tubes, rice, and masking tape. The only specialty item that you will need is quilting pins which are easily found at a craft store like the ones shown here.

This lesson could be tied into the study of another culture that greatly values rain or discuss the importance rain plays in the world. Rain legends or myths could also be discussed.

Another lesson that has always been successful and would definitely grab students' attention during the last couple of weeks is this three dimensional letter sculpture lesson. This lesson begins with students viewing the artwork of Robert Indiana and creating their own three dimensional letter sculpture. This lesson uses easy to obtain materials such as empty cereal/cracker boxes, tape, paper mache and paint.

This lesson could also help student's visualization of a two dimensional drawing into a three dimensional object as their letter transforms.

Enjoy these last few weeks of school and be sure to include some hands on projects!

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