Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Day Only Teacher Appreciation Jackpot Freebies! - Ended

Hello all! Feel the love and appreciation by getting a free +$3.00 item from our TPT stores! Today, May 6th, the following two freebies will be offered:

Update: The Jackpot has ended but these two items will be on sale for 28% off until Tuesday, May 8th. Use code TAD12 for savings.

From Etc's Store:

Spanish Packet: Unit One - (Grades 6-12) This is a packet with 35+ pages of activities I have used with my Spanish students over the past twelve years. It practices numbers, time, calendar, greetings, and school vocabulary. What it lacks in pretty pictures, it makes up for in accuracy and practicality. I use it for homework, in-class written exercises, tests, centers, etc. Normally costs $4.50!

From Lesson Lady's Store:

Zoo Animal Math Center Worksheets & Activities -  (Grades 3-6) Includes 15 fun math zoo themed centers. Students will use multiplication, division, money, time, and decimal skills to complete these interactive worksheets! One pie chart is also included. Normally costs $3.50!

Enjoy the freebies! Only available May 6th.

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