Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies!

Fabulous Friday Freebies have arrived and just in time to help you celebrate Mother's Day with your students. I have gathered a selection of freebies for Mother's Day that you can use in your classroom!

For older kids, this origami heart may fit the bill for a fun Mother's Day activity and I have found that origami really engages students. The website with this instruction is one of my favorite resources for origami since they have detailed step by step photos and often videos so it is easy to tell what to do. They also have several origami flower instructions that would also work well for the holiday.

Origami can also be incorporated into other subject areas including math and language arts. For math, ask students questions about the angles and shapes they create as they fold their forms. Are the angles obtuse or acute? What types of triangles are being created? For language arts, students could write their own written instructions for someone to make an origami heart or have them write a poem on the surface of the heart.

For younger kids, this is a great All About Mom Packet that includes a free Mother's Day questionnaire, survey, and poem. I downloaded this lesson and thought the graphics were adorable and the lesson would be easy to incorporate into your day.

This ten page packet of Mother's Day Coloring Pages is also a great resource for younger kids. You could turn the coloring page into a color by number or math problem or have students write a poem or sentences in the empty space and color the rest of the page. Or, use this fun and free activity for students that have finished their work early.

I hope you enjoy this collection of fun and free Mother's Day activities! If you would like to have a craft project for Mother's Day, check out my fun crafts board on Pinterest for a collection of fun and easy crafts.

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