Thursday, March 27, 2014

Five Egg Experiments

With the spring and Easter coming up, I thought I would share some egg-citing ways to use eggs as teaching devices in your classroom. Here are five egg related experiments you could try!

1. Make a naked egg! 

Learn how to remove the shell of the egg following these instructions. A naked egg has such an unusual shape that students have never seen before!

2. Make an egg geode.

Mimic a geode using the shell of an egg and other simple ingredients such as salt. The process looks easy and the results look great!

3. Learn about air pressure using eggs.

See how air pressure reacts with eggs as an egg gets sucked through a small hole. This would be a fun activity to have kids make predictions before seeing what actually happens and learning why.

4. Teach dental health! 

Eberhert's Explorers has a great experiment that teaches dental health using eggs by soaking them in soda. This is a great lesson for those reluctant tooth brushing students and a great way to practice dental hygiene.

 5.  Practice problem solving skills.

This Spangler Science video has a great idea that could be used to build creative problem solving and critical thinking skills. This video asks the question of how to separate the yolk from the white without touching it. Providing students with a lot of different materials to use and experiment with could be a fun problem solving activity! The video of course does show an easy solution.

Have fun if you decide to try any of these ideas!

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