Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Art Criticism for Kids Pack


If you enjoyed last week's post about my Art Writing Prompts packet, you might also enjoy my Art Criticism for Kids pack. This pack contains materials that can help your students write and talk about artwork using appropriate terms.

The packet gives helpful terms that are divided into the four steps of art criticism and suggests four different activities you can do with this pack including playing a game, writing about art and discussing artwork.

I know that sometimes art criticism can feel like pulling teeth to your students and sometimes they just want to make art without discussing it. This packet should make it easy and entertaining so you can easily incorporate it into your classroom.

 Artwork is also included in case you choose to use it with your classroom.

This packet is a great introduction to art criticism and makes it easy for your students to learn about it. To see more and download a preview, check it out here.

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