Saturday, March 1, 2014

10 Fabulous Freebies By the Authors of One Less Headache


#1: Lesson Lady's ACT Test Taking Skills Grammar will help your students learn and practice basic grammar tested on the ACT with this worksheet.  Grammar tested on this sheet include commas, semicolons, colons, and dashes. An answer key is also included.

#2: ETC has a handout for analyzing sources that students complete when they are researching. They must submit one for every source they find. It requires them to put the source's information in MLA format, review the reliability of the source, analyze the type of information, take notes and compare that source to others on the same topic.

#3: In Lesson Lady's Andy Warhol Style Hand Prints Lesson students will create prints using their hands in the style of Andy Warhol.

Students will learn about patterns and printmaking while creating prints of their hands in this fun lesson. Included in this lesson are:
- Step by step directions with a completed example.
- Andy Warhol sheet with simulated Warhol examples and a self portrait of Andy Warhol.
- Pattern practice worksheet.

#4:  Check out this free one page handout for brainstorming ideas to write about and a brief outline for how to format a formal letter.

#5: Lesson Lady has a free Zoo Animal Math Game! You choose if students use multiplication, addition, or subtraction to play this fun game.  Students will add animals to their zoo as they use addition, multiplication, or subtraction to calculate the answers on a pair of dice. The student with the most animals in his or her zoo wins!  All you will need to play this game is a pair of dice. 

#6: Any foreign language teachers out there like to play games?  Check out this game that turns dialoguing in a foreign language into a game of king of the hill.

#7: The Lesson Lady has a FREE how to PowerPoint to help your students learn how to draw basic boxes in two point perspective. This lesson is perfect for introducing your students to two point perspective and helping them learn the basics of drawing this way.

#8: Here is a simple crossword puzzle with Spanish numbers. The clues are riddles and use Spanish numbers.

#9: The Lesson Lady presents Art Bucks! Art Bucks are dollars you can use in your classroom to reward positive behavior and attitudes.

#10:  ETC's most popular product is a bundle of three easy, bakeless cookie recipes to make with students for the holidays or just because chocolate tastes so good. :)

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