Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Essay Contest on Necessity vs. Desire

Yes! magazine is sponsoring an essay contest.  Here is the gist:

Who: All students from middle school through college are invited to participate.

When: Registration closes October 18.  Essays must be submitted by November 22, 2013.

What: Students must read an article about need vs. want and write an essay where they imagine what their life would be like--as well as the rest of society--if people only consumed what they needed.  The winners will have their essays published online.

Why:  Why not?  The prompt is engaging.  What's more, writing for a purpose beyond getting a grade from the teacher is absolutely critical if we are to turn our students into real writers.


1) Teachers register their class.
2) Students read an article published by Yes! magazine and write a response of no more than 700 words.
3) Each teacher selects the three best essays and submits them by the November deadline.

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