Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fabulous Freebies: Freebies with a Facebook Theme!

This week I'm posting about some freebies that have a Facebook theme. I know my students love Facebook and so why not embrace it and add some Facebook elements into your own classroom?

I love these Facebook 'like' comment notes! They can really bring out the positive thinking in your students and help them notice the positive things others do in class. You could also have students 'like' the favorite things about the day's lesson.

This Facebook style getting to know you sheet is a great activity for the beginning of the school year. It has plenty of areas for students to customize their own page and looks very authentic to real Facebook pages!

These Classbook status printables are a fun way for students to update their status during class. You could also use these on a bulletin board for students to post about your class or lesson's status.

This Facebook bulletin board idea I saw is super cute and looked fairly easy to put together. The Facebook post it notes section is a great interactive idea.

This fun Facebook bulletin board theme is a great idea to make an educational bulletin board on a theme. This could be adapted to any subject area!

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