Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weekly Web Tool: Pixlr

This week's highlight is about a great website for online photo editing, Phixr. I like this site and have used it in the past with a class. It's easy since it does not require registration or require you to go through a bunch of questions. You just go to the site and use it! This was great for my school since students weren't allowed to have any personal log ons to any site.

There are a lot of tools you can use to edit your photos and I found that it's also very easy even for students who don't have a lot of experience using the computer.

I used this site to edit photos we did for a cross curricular project involving writing and then creating an image that represented their words. Photos would also be great for documenting or recording history like historical buildings or even the history of the school's neighborhood. My students loved doing this project as well!

To take the photos I brought in my own simple digital camera and allowed students to take photos with it and then I uploaded all the photos to the server so they could pick their own to edit so I didn't need any fancy equipment. To make sure they took good care of my camera and it didn't get dropped I put some yarn on it and each student that used it hung it around their neck as a strap as a precaution in case it got dropped. I printed the photos at Walgreens for about 20 cents each.

It's definitely a project I plan to do again in the future!

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