Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fabulous Freebies for Teachers by Mail!

Here is another edition of Fabulous Freebies by Mail! Nothing is a better pick me up than seeing my mailbox full of free stuff. I thought it was time to find out how to get more freebies for teachers. If you missed this series of posts last year, check them out here. You can still get most of the freebies sent to you easily.

1. Free Ayn Rand Books

If you plan to teach any Ayn Rand books this year, check out this site to get free Ayn Rand books, teacher guides and lesson plans. They are now taking orders for the 2014-2015 school year!

2. Free Anatomy and Physiology Eyeball Bookmarks

Available to teachers of anatomy and physiology are these fun eyeball bookmarks! They are sent in packs of 50 and would make a fun giveaway to your students or perfect for marking pages in your science book.

3. Free Set of 6" Wooden Rulers

Get a set of free 6" wooden rulers from this site. The form is easy to fill out and submit. Rulers are a tool that I've found wear out quickly and break so it's always great to have new ones!

4. Free Trees

If you have an outdoor area near your school or would like to plant trees, the National Wildlife Federation will send you free native trees to plant in your neighborhood. Check out the guidelines and more here. Applications must be received by September 21st.

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