Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fun Earth Day Games!

Play games this Earth Day!

Earth Day is coming up in a week on April 22nd and this week is a great time to help your students become more familiar with Earth Day and teach them some new things about this important holiday. Games are a great way to help students learn basic information and new concepts. To help with that, I have two Earth Day games available for purchase on my TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) store.

First is an Earth Day Memory Game. Included are 48 cards (24 pairs) of Earth Day terms and concepts. This game would work great as a center or large group activity but included are suggestions for a variety of playing options.

Earth Day Bingo is another great option to teach students about Earth Day scientific concepts and terms. I use bingo regularly and it is always a hit, even with hard to reach students. Classes often beg to play the game again and again.

Check out the previews to see if the games are right for you and keep us in mind on Tuesday for an article on using cheap and free recycled materials in your classroom.

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