Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fabulous Freebies: 5 Activities For Guaranteed Fun

Here are free game and activity generators, many I've enjoyed using with my students.  If the description sounds interesting, go to the website and investigate more!

1) This is a website that generates bingo cards.  You can choose from their list of themed cards or use your own word lists to make customized printable cards.  Choose the custom-bingo-cards-with-your-own-words option and create a set that you can use to review vocabulary from a unit before a quiz.

2) Animoto is a website where you can create short digital movies.  Just upload pictures of your class and let them generate a mini movie of a trip you took, a special project, etc.  Then you can share it with your students and their families in school or via email.  Parents will have fun looking at their kids' pictures and appreciate a fun format for communicating highlights from recent class activities.

3) Use the website ToonDoo to allow your students to create their own comic strips.  They can create one based on a story they read in class or make up their own.  They really enjoy working with this website.  Expect that it will take them a class period to get signed up and learn to navigate the site.  Once they've had a chance to play around, though, they will be off and running with the graphics.  Upon finishing, they can publish and share it with you and others.

4) Play Jeopardy as a way to review any unit(s) with your class.  This free download has a template for jeopardy so that all you have to do is fill in the blanks.  It comes with fun sound files and jeopardy-like visuals.

5) One Up, One Down is a game I'd never heard of before.  It looks like it could be fun for reviewing math problems, vocabulary, words in a foreign language, etc.  The download has clear directions, but for those of you who are like me and curious, here is the gist: Students see a slide with two words, objects, numbers, etc.  One is positioned higher than the other.  Then the caller shares the prompt.  Students stand up or sit down depending on whether the answer is up or down.  The last student to respond correctly is out until there is just one winner left.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  The only suggestion I'd make is that there be a neutral position.  For example, maybe students sit on their desk and from there have to stand or sit in the chair.  Or, perhaps they can sit at their desks and stand or crouch with both hands on the ground.  



  1. I think I'll go for online bingo and animoto but I will definitely give those 3 a try too!
    12BET Number Game


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