Friday, August 16, 2013

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Setting Up Your Classroom

Setting up my classroom is not my strong suite.  So, it helps to mine the internet for ideas.  This week's freebie post has a bunch of ideas for decorating your classroom cheaply.  Here are some of the top finds...

1) Looking to cover your bulletin board, but your school doesn't have paper?  I've covered my boards very inexpensively in a couple different ways that last longer and are more durable than paper.  The first thing I've done is use an old sheet/fabric.  Darker colors work better because they don't show all the dirt.  But, they are easy to take down, throw in the wash and reuse.  The other thing I've done is to paint the board.  Have any extra paint lying around?  Paint the cork and you'll never have to cover it with paper again to bring splash of color to the board's backdrop.

2) Download this free reading strategies poster.  It can be blown up and laminated for use year after year.  This is great for any classroom since all teachers are teachers of reading!

3) This behavior management poster is a great way to explicitly teach students what they should do when you call them to attention.  As a poster it would be a good visual reminder to students as they are settling into the new year and new routines.

4) Check out this interest board with all sorts of creative bulletin board ideas.  There are boards for multiple seasons, holidays, themes and subjects.  It is definitely worth taking a quick look at!

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