Friday, August 23, 2013

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Ice Breakers

This week's Friday Freebies post is all about ice breakers.  Whether you've started back to school already or are about to, the following links should come in useful for a variety of ages.  They can be used to build community, address teamwork, and much more.  Check them out!

The first is 40 icebreakers for small group.  It is an online pdf with directions for 40 different ice breakers.  The purpose of each ice breaker is given along with an explanation for how it works.

The next is icebreakers.  This site has ideas for groups of all sizes.  It also categorizes them by
type (active, team building, getting to know you).  

The third is teampedia which is one of the best websites for ice breakers.  The activities are broken down into about 35 categories.  These categories include sizes of groups.  

KSDE is a fourth site for ice breakers.  It is an online pdf with a plethora of ice breakers.  Each one comes with a brief lesson plan that explains what to do, how long it will take, what materials you will need, etc.  There is a good variety here.

Salt and Light is the last website I'm sharing with you.  If you are looking for ice breakers with a religious bend, you should look here.  Even if you're not, though, there are several ice breakers that can work for any situation.

Best wishes as you begin another school year.

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