Friday, August 2, 2013

Fabulous Freebies! Freebies for Traveling Kids

This week for our Friday Freebies edition are some fun freebies that have to do with travel that are perfect for kids on the road, on vacation, or just a fun summer school activity!

Minitime has a great selection of travel activities. You can preview each activity before printing it which makes it handy. There are word searches, scavenger hunts, fun facts and more. It looked like these activities could be used for a variety of age groups.

TLC Parentables has links to 36 printable travel games for kids. Some of these games are educational as well and could be used in a classroom setting. There is a great selection of games with links to many good sites.

The games and puzzles at are definitely geared primarily to travel There are mazes, bingo and a scavenger hunt.

Get a free travel journal printable at the Travel Turtle blog. This could be a handy assignment for students going on vacation or just a good summer learning activity.

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