Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Reading Freebies

This week's freebies post features activities for reading.  Reading touches every subject we teach, and is vitally important to our students' academic success.  So, here are freebies to help you teach reading to every age....

#1: The first is a packet for emergent readers.  It has reading strategies to teach students who are just learning to read.  It includes visual aids and activities.  The packet teaches students the importance of becoming more independent readers.

#2: The second is a great visual aid to help students in the middle elementary grades to read and work through their reading struggles.  There are also free bookmarks to help students remember what to do when they get stuck with tricky vocabulary.

#3: Check out this comprehensive list of reading strategies for middle and high school students.  There are over 110 quality strategies.  Surely everyone can find at least one they haven't tried before!

I hope there is something that every one of our readers can find useful!

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