Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Games to Play in Your Classroom!

Fabulous Friday freebies are here again today! Team and community building are very important and help establish an atmosphere in your classroom to encourage students to help one another and work together to succeed. Games are a great way to incorporate educational subjects and team building together into one activity. Here are some great free games and activities that you can use in your classroom.

My Zoo Animal Math Game is a fun freebie and can be adapted and played with either addition, subtraction, or multiplication depending on the difficulty level of the students. Check it out!

I loved this set of more than 40 free Daily Wordplay games. This would be perfect for the last 5 minutes of class or whenever you have a few extra moments. You could even divide your class into teams or have students do this individually for fast finishers. It is very verastile!

This packet is a huge list of Active Games that you can use to incorporate movement into the classroom. It lists many different games and a quick description of each. I usually like to asking questions about the subject we are studying into active games to help make it into a class review.

This is a site I have mentioned a while back but feel it is worth it to mention again. This site has a huge amount of PowerPoint game templates which can be adapted for any age level or any subject area. This is a huge time saver for teachers!

Last is this fun Hunger Games Survival Scenario game. Since the Hunger Games have been hugely popular, this is something many of our students are familiar with. This game could be a fun team building activity or a game you could tie in after reading the book in class. 

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