Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

I am going to use this post to give a birthday shout out to my blogging partner and good friend.  One of the things I most respect about Lesson Lady is that she one of the most honest people I know.   But, she is also so much more: hardworking, smart, frugal, great at cooking, artistic, resourceful, thoughtful, and kind.  She has always avoided negative chatter and been a trustworthy confidante.  I wish her a great year ahead.

With that, I would like to advise all you teachers out there who are looking for a great art project to check out the art lessons she has for sale at her store.  I especially like her Art of the World series.  Here are a couple examples...

Art of the World-Benin Masks
Have your student make a mask while learning about the Benin people of Africa.

Art of the World-Frida Kahlo
Have your students make a collage in the style of the famous female Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

She has a birthday sale on through the end of the day tomorrow.  Check it out!

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