Friday, April 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies

Here is today's edition of Fabulous Friday Freebies! I have gathered some fun freebies you can use in a variety of classroom settings and subject areas.

First, I would like to highlight this free PowerPoint games template website. They have a great collection of PowerPoint game templates that you can adapt to any subject area! Since the templates are already made, they save a lot of time since you can just type in the information needed for your own classroom.

Next up is a fantastic Manda PowerPoint. Mandalas can be used for many subject areas such as math to teach symmetry and balance, art, and more. You can even create a science mandala by drawing the life cycle of an animal or plant in a mandala design.

Lastly, is my free Andy Warhol Style Hand Print Lesson. This lesson contains everything you need, except the art materials, for this lesson. Examples of Warhol style paintings are also included. This is a great lesson to help students learn about making patterns and printmaking.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of fabulous freebies!

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