Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Learning Values from Olympic Athletes

Besides the Olympic themed lessons on math, science, and more, students can also learn a lot from the Olympic athletes themselves. The values that are behind the Olympic athletes are great values that students can use in a classroom as well. Here are some values students can learn about from the Olympics:

1. Pride 

Students can take pride in themselves and their accomplishments just like the Olympic athletes do. Each country present at the Olympics also models pride in the way they celebrate their athletes at each event.

2. Sportsmanship

Many of my students over the years have had a hard time losing a game and being good sports. Seeing the Olympians cheer on their fellow athletes and lose gracefully is a great example for children everywhere.

3. Persistence

Many of these athletes overcome great barriers before making it to the Olympics or at past competitions. Seeing these athletes overcome these challenges is a great motivation for students to overcome their own challenges and succeed.

4. Responsibility

Athletes take care of many responsibilities including training, working and some also go to school. The way they handle these responsibilities and fulfill their duties is a great example for our students who also have many responsibilities.

5.  Health

Athletes are a naturally a model of health to our students. Most of them eat very healthy meals and have a great exercise routine. Striving to be healthy will help students in and out of the classroom!

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