Monday, February 17, 2014

Ask Our Readers

Heather wrote to me on my Lesson Lady Facebook page and asked for some suggestions to help a student of hers. I gave her some ideas, but I know that our readers will give her many more options and suggestions than I could come up with on my own. Here is her question:


"I am desperate for some ideas. I have a 3rd grade student who is struggling with multiple step directions or more than one assignment at a time. What type of tools would you recommend to assist this student? Any ideas, thoughts, or anything would help." 


Thanks for the help!




  1. The first thing that comes to mind is a visual chart for routine tasks, or having him repeat directions back to you.

  2. I agree! Possibly have him break down the steps or tasks himself, in writing so he can refer to it later (may need to work up to that).

  3. Lesson Lady here - my suggestions were that you can either have the student write the steps in each bubble or create three colored folders for multiple assignments and do each one a different color like red-first, yellow-then and green-last. hope this may help!

  4. We refer to that skill as Executive Function in my area of Special Education. When a kid has deficits in that area, they struggle with organization, planning, etc. I agree with the visual supports for schedules. We have picture schedules in my classroom for each kid for the day, but some have even needed more intense picture schedules (unpack is three or four pictures-backpack, jacket, lunchbox). Giving a kid a picture schedule (it does take time to teach them how to use it indpendently) should remove some of their need to have you repeat directions. I have also put picture schedules up for worksheets- 1. name 2. cut 3. color. For some kids the word directions on top of a page just aren't enough. I can give you more ideas if you think this might help your student. Boardmaker Share is also a free resource that posts some PDFs of picture schedules. Good luck:)

  5. This is Heather here. WOW you all have great ideas. This student has recently qualified SLD so.... and this is one of their areas. I will take all your wonderful suggestions and find the one that works best with this student.


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