Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fabulous Freebies: Cinco de Mayo!

Today is Cinco de Mayo! In honor of this fun holiday, here are some fabulous freebies you can use in your classroom this week to help celebrate Cinco de Mayo & Mexican culture. I have found in my classroom that many students love to celebrate the holidays of various cultures around the world.

Check out this Crafts for Kids page to find fun Cinco de Mayo related activities including a Mexican song, printable money worksheets, coloring pages, elementary literacy worksheets and more. There is a big variety of Cinco de Mayo items that are easy to print.

Kaboose has more than ten easy craft ideas for Cinco de Mayo. Most can be made with simple materials that are available in most classrooms. Some of the crafts are sound making and could be incorporated into a music lesson!

Making Learning Fun has learning printables for literacy and math that are geared towards early elementary students. The ideas are easy to click on and print and contain simple, clear graphics.

Find crossword puzzles, vocabulary fill in the blank sheets and more at's Cinco de Mayo printables page. Click on the image of the activity to easily print it. The puzzles and fill in the blank sheets are perfect for older students to learn about Cinco de Mayo and Mexican history.

Thanks for checking out our freebies & have a great Cinco de Mayo!

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