Friday, May 31, 2013

End of the School Year Checklist

As each school year wraps up, each teacher has certain routines and things on their to do list to check off. Here are some things that I do (and most of you probably do as well!) each year to help get my classroom ready and organized to make the transition to summer school and fall easier. Most of these can be done with the help of your students which will make it much easier and quicker! If you have some end of the year tips and suggestions, please share and I will share some in a future post.

- Clean off & wipe desks or tables

- Wipe down & dust other surfaces such as counter tops, book shelves, etc..

- File away any folders that are out

- Update or remove materials from bulletin boards and signs that are irrelevant for the new year

- Clean out inside of desks and any areas where students store their work

- Decide what to do with any plants or animals you keep in your classroom

- Return any materials you borrowed from other staff members or classrooms

- Clean & wipe down your board

- Unplug and put away any electronic items

- Pick up items that can be easily moved from off the floor (often deep floor cleaning happens during breaks!)

- Clearly label or take home any personal items

- Store materials that are out back in their place - TIP - As you store materials, see what you are low on and write it down so when you get new supplies in the fall or over the summer you will know what you need without having to check again.

- Create new or blank charts for your new students

- Make sure all food is removed from the classroom

- Lock up any confidential information or files

- Now is a great time to clear out any clutter in your classroom that has accumulated over the year

- Return any graded work

If you have extra time & extra hands from the help of students, here are some bonus tasks:

- Have students sharpen pencils or colored pencils to prepare for the next school year

- Have students test markers and throw away ones that don't work or try this watercolor idea

- Soak the tops of glue bottles in hot water to make them easy to use and free of clogs

Did I forget something important? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. An excellent idea to get students to help prepare for next year!

    A to-do-list always makes it a LOT easier to plan our your day and the awesome feeling checking off that list! :)

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

    1. I completely agree! When feeling overwhelmed to-do lists are always helpful to me. I write them in order of priority and it DOES feel good checking them off.

      Thanks for your comment!


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