Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Fun Games for African American History or Black History Month!

Although I also think like Etc. in that African-American history should be focused on year-round, I know that a special time to focus on it is in February. If you are celebrating Black History Month this year at school and your students love playing games as much as mine do, check out these three fun games to help your students learn about important African-American facts, people, and historical moments.

For small groups or as a center, check out my Black History Memory Game. This game contains 24 pairs of cards that helps your students learn about important African-American people, events, and terms.

Another fun game that is always a hit in my classroom is Bingo! I also love that my students can all play this game at one time and since they have to listen to the clues you read, your class is easily quieted throughout the game. Please note that the images and facts used in this game are almost identical to those in my memory game.

The last game for Black History Month available at my store is this PowerPoint Black History Game in the style of Jeopardy. If you have access to a projector or can huddle students around a computer monitor, this game is a blast! Students click on each category and answer important questions.


  1. George Washington Carver found many uses for the peanut, but he did not invent peanut butter. That is a very common misconception.

    1. Thank you for this correction! That fact is duly noted.


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