Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday Freebies: FREE Valentine's Day Lessons & Resources

With Valentine's Day in a few short weeks, I thought I would put together some free educational resources for you to use with a fun holiday theme.

Here is my FREE Early/Fast Finishers Valentine's Day Drawing Packet. It contains ten drawing activities that are perfect for fast or early finishers to complete and also contains educational material such as artist information. All students need to complete these drawing activities are a pencil and something to add color such as markers or crayons. Please leave feedback if you enjoy this free packet!

If you enjoy doing science experiments with your students, here is a lesson on how to create Borax crystal hearts! It looks simple and easy to do with just a few ingredients. has a great list of Valentine's Day lesson ideas for all subject areas and grade levels. I loved their idea of having students write valentines between two characters, ideas, or historical figures. This could easily be used in just about any subject area and grade level!

YouTube has video of the History of Valentine's Day available. It is a short but interesting four minute video that could help your students learn about the history of Valentine's Day. Be aware that there is at least one work of art shown in the video that contains mild nudity.  

The NEA has a list of 10 free Valentine's Day lesson resources that vary from grades K-12. There are  lots of links to helpful resources & PDF files that you can print and use in your classroom.

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