Friday, August 31, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Classroom Management Ideas & Freebies

With school just starting for some and about to start for others, this is a great time to implement new classroom management techniques into your teaching day. Here are some classroom management freebies & fun ideas that you might find useful in your classroom.

I saw this poster on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea to have not only class expectations but also give examples of what it looks like and sounds like. Those clear examples help students think about how to act and give them ideas of what is appropriate. You could even have students do this as an activity listing what different rules/expectations look like and sound like. This could work well if you have students that need to learn appropriate social skills.

This class rules poster is a great way to get your students involved by having them help make your poster. One of my colleagues does not take photos of students but she still gets them involved by having them color fish or other animals that tell the rules instead.

Classroom bucks are a great incentive for good behavior that can motivate young students. I offer a free set of Art Bucks on my TPT store. I also include some suggestions for free prizes so you do not have to spend much money, if any, to use them. If Art Bucks are not your thing, I also offer general Classroom Bucks for a small charge.

This "There are Rules?" game is something that can be adapted to a wide variety of age levels and helps students think about why there are rules in school and why rules are important. I thought it was a creative idea and comes with some sheets with questions for students to reflect on and answer.

This free Classroom Economy Power Pack is also a great way to start a new classroom management system. This pack includes a fee set of classroom money in a variety of denominations. I have not tried this personally, but I have seen teachers set up a checkbook system in their classroom where students earn money each day by doing different tasks and can spend their money on rewards. Some classes even go so far as to charging the students rent each week for their desk to practice real world skills.

Do you have a free classroom management item? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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