Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies!!

Soft skills are just as important to our students as academic skills when it comes to finding a job, yet the perceived importance of teaching them often pales next to that of teaching more measurable skills.  Teachers are having to be creative and deliberate about the ways they incorporate so many of the skills that are being de-emphasized by increased testing: creativity, goal setting, communication, responsibility, etc.

So, as we kick off this school year, I'm posting links to free visual aids and information on teaching a couple, with more to come in subsequent weeks.  Here they are...

GOAL SETTING: Click on the image below to go to a free visual aid and mini packet on goal setting.

COMMUNICATION: Listening and speaking assertively are two important aspects of communication.      The listening link will take you to a blog with some free visual aids and ideas for how to weave listening skills into your every day routine.  The speaking assertively link leads to a packet that teaches some basics for communicating assertively.

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