Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fun Art Games for School!

I recently posted some new art games you can use in your art room or to supplement the arts in your
regular classroom. The art games focus on a variety of well-known master artists which help students learn to identify the style of each artist. Here are the games that are now available in my TPT store.

The first is my Art Memory Game. This game contains 48 pairs of artist image and name cards. Artists from a variety of backgrounds and styles are included. Twenty-four cards contain artist images and 24 cards include the artist's name. For teachers who want more detail I also created cards with the artist's name and title of the work.

 Next is my Go Fish! Art Game. Included is a full 52 card deck filled with four works of art from thirteen selected artists. Download my preview to see a list of what artists are included in this game. As a bonus, I created fast fact cards about each artist so you can use these to help enhance your students' learning.

Last up is a Master Artist Bingo Game. The game includes a class set (30) unique bingo boards featuring 24 different artists. Game pieces and answer keys are also included. My students are always competitive and seem to love bingo! They don't seem to realize that they are learning while playing this game

If you enjoy all the games, I bundled them into one big game package and am selling it at a discounted rate at only $3 a game! With a package that includes over 100 pages of game materials, that is a great deal.

Thanks for checking out my latest art products!


  1. I found you via the Second Grade Pad. When I saw your name pop up down the side of her blog, I had to come for a visit . . . it cracks me up!

    Kelley "Following You" Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. Thanks for following us! I do teach some second graders but I teach K-12 so we have a huge variety of info for all sorts of teachers.


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