Friday, June 8, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Free Summer Learning Printables!

This week's Fabulous Friday Freebies edition contains freebies students can use over the summer or when traveling. If you're like me and are teaching summer school and will have students in and out for vacations, this could be a perfect way for them to learn while on the go. Or, let me know how else you can use these fabulous freebies!

I just learned and am impressed that the people at the Crayola website have printable coloring pages for every state and it looked like also every country. This would be a great way for students to learn about places they are traveling to. Bookmarking these and using them for supplementation during social studies later in the school year might also be helpful. I plan to go back to these and use them as we study the art of various countries around the world.

The Activity Village website also has printable travel and holiday planning and journaling pages. Students might not realize that they are actually learning and practicing writing when using these pages and they'll have great things to help them remember the fun.

Plucky Momo has an enormous free printable summer activity kit that includes more than 70 activities! This huge printable can definitely help keep kids busy for hours.

Lastly, has a collection of free travel games that can be easily printed and used. It looked like there were many that would not necessarily have to be used while traveling, either. Some just looked like good fun pages to have on hand.

Feel free to share your favorite free summer printables!

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