Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Websites: Ways to Recycle in Your Classroom

I have always been thrifty which has come in handy being an art teacher on a low budget. However, even I learned many new tricks with these ideas! Here are some sites with ways to help you recycle in your classroom and reuse materials you may not have even thought about keeping.

Repurpose Old Art Supplies - Reuse old art supplies that are down to the last nub or even broken! I always had a habit of keeping supplies going for a long time but these tips gave me lots of ideas so they could even have more life!

Reuse Bottle Caps to Play and Learn - I enjoyed this article geared towards early elementary students with 30 ways you can reuse bottle caps to help play and learn. I loved these ideas and they don't take up much space either which is a bonus!

Keep Kids' Artwork Safe - I have never done this before as an art teacher but after I read this tip I wish I had! I love the idea of rolling artwork and securing it with a cardboard tube! This would make it much easier for kids to take home and much less chance of damage. This would also work for posters and other large projects for other subject areas.

Reuse Your Plastic Easter Eggs - If you went to any egg hunts this year you might have a ton of plastic Easter eggs laying around. I know I do! Here are some great ways you can reuse those eggs in your classroom.

Make a Biodegradable Seed Pot - Since it is spring it's the perfect time to start growing plants and this biodegradable seed pot uses recycled materials and can be planted directly into the ground. This is a fun way to incorporate science into your classroom.

Do you recycle in your classroom? Share your ideas below!

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