Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wednesday Website: News ELA

News ELA is one on my new favorite websites.  If you teach grammar school it is one free subscription you should sign up for.  The website has a plethora of nonfiction articles to choose from.  There are articles on: war & peace, science, money, law, health, arts and sports.  When you go in you can search by grade level and/or reading goal.  The current events are on topics that are high interest for kids.  For example, I've recently found articles on whether or not whales held in captivity should be released, on whether or not video games are good or bad, and whether or not chimpanzees have their own language.

If you are looking for materials to supplement any unit, this is definitely a site worth mining.  Creating an account is simple and once you have it you will receive regular email updates on their most recent articles.  Check it out today!

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