Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fabulous Freebies: More Great Websites for Teachers to Bookmark

This week I thought I would share some fun and free websites that you can use in class. These are some that are perfect to bookmark or pin!

Wheel of Decide - This is a fun website that has a customizable wheel in which you enter in options and then it spins and randomly selects a choice. This could be a fun way to decide a reward or you could play a game with it and have a math operation for a question that students must use or vocab/spelling words.

Handwriting Worksheets - You can make and print your own handwriting practice sheets from this website which is great since you can customize them to your needs.

Fun Brain - Fun Brain is a fun website for students to use to play educational games. The focus is on math and reading games.

Certificates 4 Teachers - I have used these once in a while to recognize students for their achievements and it makes it easy without having to spend time making something yourself. Just type in the info and your certificate is set!

Artsonia - I have mentioned this website before but feel that it is worth another mention. It is an online gallery where you can post your students' artwork for free. Students' parents can sign up and comment on their child's artwork. Also, students can buy things with their artwork on it and your school will get 15% of the proceeds which is nice as well. I have enjoyed this website very much over the years!

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