Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Ready Classroom Checklist

This is that time of year when summer break is just around the corner! Here is a checklist to help you see what you have left to do before that break arrives. I always like to enlist the help of my slaves... ahem my students ;) while they are still around to help make the work quicker.

Of course not everyone has to do all of these things and you may have to do things that are not on this list (please share to help others in the comments below!) but these are just some suggestions.
  • Wipe down desks and remove any tape, name tags, stickers, etc...

  • Clear out and clean any cubbies and/or inside of desks

  • Pass back any remaining work.

  • Take down artwork and bulletin boards.

  • Make arrangements or plans for any plants or animals in the classroom.

  • Take down any posters or items you will not need or that will change next year such as schedules.

  • Pack away and store supplies or art materials. Tip - as you are packing things away it's an easy time to note what is running low or what you used up so in the fall you will already have a list of what you need.

  • Pick up things off the floor. Most school I have worked at clean the floors thoroughly over the summer so make sure to not leave anything on it that you will need!

  • Label your things. Sometimes during cleaning desks and chairs can get moved around so if yours are labeled you can make sure to get your things back.

  • Remove any of your things from fridges and if you have a classroom fridge it's time to defrost!

  • List any items that are in need of repair that staff can take care of over the summer such as replace light bulbs or ceiling tiles.

  • Save or back up files on your computer.

  • Unplug your electronics.

  • Take home any valuables or personal items. You never know what could disappear over the summer!

     These are the things I usually do each year. Did I miss something or leave something out? Please let me know below.

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