Wednesday, January 29, 2014

28 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Your Classroom

With African American history month coming up, here is a list of ways to celebrate for each day of the month!

  1. Play a game about African American history like my PowerPoint Jeopardy style game.
  2. Post a quote from an African American leader on your board each day of the month.
  3. Role play an event related to African American history in your classroom.
  4. Learn about African roots by making African artwork with your students.
  5. Listen to some African American jazz music while doing quiet studying in your classroom.
  6. Teach students what eggs have to do with Martin Luther King Jr.
  7. Read a novel with African American characters such as "The Color Purple."
  8. Follow Harriet Tubman on this interactive Underground Railroad journey.
  9. Create a timeline of African American history.
  10. Pretend you are African American leaders and give speeches.
  11. Watch a film about African American history such as "Eyes on the Prize."
  12. Act out a court case from the Civil Rights era.
  13. Create a collage titled "I Have a Dream."
  14. Do an African American history word search.
  15. Track African American athletes accomplishments during the Olympic games.
  16. Create trading cards of famous African Americans.
  17. Draw a scene from African American history.
  18. Analyze symbolism in a work of poetry written by an African American.
  19. Interview African Americans on their views of African American history month.
  20. Identify African American accomplishments in each subject area.
  21. Read about the history of hip hop.
  22. Construct a mock up of an African American invention.
  23. Cook soul food with your students.
  24. Create a paper quilt by attaching your students' artwork together that was inspired by the work of Faith Ringgold.
  25. Map out the path of the Freedom Riders on Google maps. Calculate mileage and gas cost using current prices.
  26. Visit a local African American history museum or historical location.
  27. Write a letter to an African American leader.
  28. Put on a play acting out a scene from an African American book.

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