Friday, December 6, 2013

Fabulous Freebies: Facebook Frenzy December 6-9!

This weekend's freebies are in the form of a Facebook Frenzy. Join me and more than 15 others in my group and get exclusive freebies December 6-9, 2013! Start at my Facebook page.

I have never participated in a Facebook Frenzy before so if you haven't either, I'll explain it. Eage Facebook page has a tab labeled "Facebook Frenzy." Click on the tab and an image similar to the one above instructing you to like the page and receive an educational freebie. After you like the page and download the freebie a link will appear that you can click on to go to the next page and so on.

The freebies are definitely worth while. Some, including mine, are ones that are items that are not normally free and are sold in our TPT store! The only way to get my game for free is through this exclusive Facebook Frenzy.

I am part of the 3rd grade math and science Facebook Frenzy group and I will be offering this exclusive freebie:

My Winter Snowman Math Game! Your students will have fun building a snowman as they practice greater than/less than skills as well as addition, multiplication or subtraction. My Facebook page is the only place to get this for free. It is normally sold in my TPT store and is rated 4/4 stars. Visit my Facebook page between December 6-9 to get this game FREE before clicking off to the other pages to get more freebies!

Here is a list of all the December frenzies you can participate in by subject and grade level, courtesy of Keep Teaching and Planning.

K Math/Science -

K ELA/Social Studies -

1st Math/Science -

1st ELA/Social Studies -

2nd Math/Science -

2nd ELA/Social Studies -

3rd Math/Science -

3rd ELA/Social Studies -

4th -

5th -

6th-12th -

Music -

Clipart -

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